About Ovensa

Ovensa Inc. is a Canadian, preclinical stage company that capitalizes on its proprietary TRIOZAN™ Nanomedicine Delivery Platform, with mucosal and brain-barrier crossing properties, to generate advanced nanotherapeutics that enhance the bioavailability and the targeted intracellular uptake of small molecules and biologics through oral and other routes of administration.

Ovensa is always looking for partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies interested in developing advanced nanotherapeutics with targeted biologic and small molecule candidates.

Development Program

Oral Advanced Nanotherapeutic (Oncology):
Ovensa is developing an Oral Advanced Nanotherapeutic candidate that combines a well-known poorly bioavailable, off-patent chemotherapy drug in combination with the TRIOZAN™ Platform technology. Our candidate is used to improve the bioavailability of the drug and enhance the tumor and intracellular targeting delivery. Our candidate is aimed to suit the FDA regulatory 505(b)(2) approval pathway.