Meet Our Scientific Experts

Quynh-Thu Le, MD
Quynh-Thu Le, MDChair & Professor
Stanford University
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Steven De Vleeschouwer, MD, Ph.D.
Steven De Vleeschouwer, MD, Ph.D.Neurosurgeon
KU Leuven
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Gilles Besin, Ph.D.
Gilles Besin, Ph.D.Head of Discovery Research
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Jo Van Betsbrugge, Ph.D.
Jo Van Betsbrugge, Ph.D.CMC & Drug Development
Co-inventor of Baqsimi™
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Ravin Narain, PhD, P.Eng.
Ravin Narain, PhD, P.Eng.Professor & Researcher
University of Alberta
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Mark D. Vincent, MD
Mark D. Vincent, MDMedical Oncologist
London Health Sciences Centre
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Nicolas Bertrand, Ph.D.
Nicolas Bertrand, Ph.D.Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy
CRCHUL - Université Laval
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Jonathan Gagnon, Ph.D.
Jonathan Gagnon, Ph.D.Professor, Biology, Chemistry & Geography
Université du Québec à Rimouski
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